Chakras Balancing Earrings $26.00

Design a pair of earrings with 7 chakra-gemstones chosen for their looks and healing properties.

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Crown chakra
Good for the skin; alleviates pain, tension and lowers high blood pressure.
Brow chakra
Enhances assimilation of fluids; helps with hoarseness, loss of voice, fever, excess weight and high blood pressure.
Throat chakra
Stimulates the kidney function, water balance and reduction of oedema.
Heart chakra
Protects against heart attack and arteriosclerosis; alleviates rashes, inflammations, sunburn and sunstroke.
Solar plexus chakra
Good for the stomach, spleen, gall-bladder, liver, joints, skin, mucous membranes, glands and intestine; aids teething in children; helps with allergies, rheumatism and diabetes.
Sacral chakra
Improves quality of the blood; stimulates the small intestine, metabolism, circulation, blood flow.
Base chakra
Warms and enlivens; enhances blood flow, stimulates blood circulation and has a fever-enhancing effect (when necessary).



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Earwire are surgical steel, 21mm fishhook with open loop, 21 gauge. [More info...]

Gemstone are 6mm beads, their colors, patterns, and sizes may vary from stone to stone and be different that what you see on a computer screen.

This web page offers 96,768 possible combinations of chakra crystals to make really personal earrings. See a few examples.

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in California.
Gemstones properties displayed on this page come from the book Healing Crystals by Michael Gienger.